What Is Fotopigeon?
The easiest way to send printed photos to your inmate directly from your computer or mobile phone!
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How does Fotopigeon work?

    Upload photos you want to send, select who you want to send them to, and we will automatically print and send your photos for you.

  • How much does it cost?

    Each photo costs 50ยข. Shipping is always free!

  • How do I upload photos to my account?

    You can upload photos from your cell phone, tablet or computer. There's no download required, simply click the "Send Photos" button and select as many photos as you would like to upload. You can also import photos directly from your Instagram or Facebook account.

  • Why should I upgrade to the Pay as you Go plan?

    As a paying customer, you can send more than 5 photos per week and remove Fotopigeon's watermark from your photos.

  • Are my photos kept private?

    Absolutely. We do not share, distribute or screen your photos in an effort to ensure that your photos are only seen by the recipients you send them to.

  • How long does it take for photos to be delivered?

    All photos are printed within 24 hrs and shipped via First Class mail and will be delivered, in most cases, within 3 to 5 business days.

  • Can I send photos to incarcerated friends or family?

    Absolutely! Fotopigeon was built with you and your loved one in mind. Using our inmate search you can find your loved one and send photos at any time.

  • What type of prints will my recipient receive?

    All Fotopigeon products are printed on the highest quality glossy stock resulting in bright, bold colors with a phenomenal finish. Additionally, we use software to color-correct your photos for the best possible balance and we will make every effort to correct common image flaws such as red-eye and blurring.

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For questions, comments, or concerns, please complete the form and a Fotopigeon representative will be in touch with you